As I said before, on January 9, 2015 Doral requested an intrajurisdiccitional certification from the P.R. Supreme Court (TSPR) so it would directly entertain the appellate issues in its case. On January 12 2015, the TSPR denied the request. Fortunately for Doral, on that same day, the Appellate Court issued an order setting the Schedule of the Appeals. It gave Doral 5 days (due on January 19) to express itself whether it accepts or objects to the transcript of the oral evidence presented by the ELA. The Government was granted 10 days from the aproval of the transcript for it to present its supplementary brief and 20 days from that date to Doral to present its objections to the appeal.

As to the appeal presented by Doral, it will have 10 days from the approval of the transcript (January 19) to present its supplementary brief and ELA will have 20 days to reply. Unless an extension is obtained, these deadlines will end on February 18 2015.

If we examine the Appellate Court’s regulations (specifically Rules 21-22), these call for 30 days for the supplementary brief and 30 days of the opposition to the appeal. Therefore, although the TSPR did not issue the intrajurisdictional certification, the Appellate Court, conscious of the importance of deciding swiftly this case, has taken the necessary steps to do so. I expect a decision no later tan June or July.



      1. Hello John, Did either side ask for an extension or did Feb 18 come and go with all briefs being submitted? Thank you


  1. Sir, your guidance was always helpful in this ongoing legal battle.

    With this serious scenario should we expect final verdict by end of this month. If not then, when & why?


  2. So should we expect oil term for all small investors considering FDIC or Doral will find better way of managing the situation as they have done in the past.


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