Veritas Mudd Podcast Ley 21 2016 Moratoria


  1. It sounds to me like the idiots in the Legislature have authorized the incompetent governor to declare Martial Law. Next he’ll be having his state police roundup all legal gun owners and taking their guns.


  2. Yo me pregunto, ¿esta zafra de anormales tenian toda esa ñoña escrita ya? Es que todo esto parece parte de un libreto establecido.


  3. Lo felicito. Directo al punto. Excelente. ¿Cuanto tiempo cree usted que tardará en llegar al tribunal esta ley? ¿Será en el estatal o en el federal? Gracias


  4. Nevertheless what stupid irrational government will go against its own people with dictatorial laws, everytime you look at their outcome always they take 10 steps back.

    That’s why this government makes these desperate moves, look at other nations history repeats itself are condemn.


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