1. Excelente!
    Me ayudò a entender y comprender el significado y consecuencias de la presencia y control de la Junta. Espero que aprendamos a hacer buenos administradores, sobre todo a planificar y ejecutar presupuestos y gastos… Tomar decisiones no políticas y que le convengan al País…parece que aùn no sabemos…
    Gracias por su tiempo!

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  2. Como de costumbre, EXCELENTE.
    Ya eres un recurso indispensable para el pueblo.
    Nos tienes engreidos con tus analisis y asesoramiento.
    Gracias a ti y a Vivi por todo lo que hacen por nuestra isla.
    Nos veremos pronto.

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  3. Thanks John…great insight and explanation. You’re always helpful. I must agree that the bill in itself is complicated and the outcry over the colonial aspects of the bill are to the point. Nevertheless, I think that we brought it upon ourselves and it’s a shameful thing. Furthermore it’s a little too late to be crying over spilled water. We haven’t lived up to the fiscal soundness and stability that all governments should abide by. We’ve let the colonial political partidism, corruption and cronyism take us to the ground. This federal fiscal board is a godsend to a certain extent because it will straighten out and put our fiscal house in order. As an American citizen I deserve no less. It’s the federal government’s duty to protect its citizens from unscrupulous individuals and entities that create havoc and use fraud as a means to financially help themselves. I hope the Security Exchange Commission intervenes.

    The cost to statehood is of consequence. The only way now to get statehood is as I have always professed. My discourse has always been, civil disobedience and creating a crisis where we bring to the forefront the violation of civil rights. I have hope that in the long run this course will prevail for the better or worse.


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