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As Congress comes closer to passing the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Development Act (PROMESA), an unprecedented control board with authority over Puerto Rico’s affairs is just weeks from being appointed.


Given the critical nature of this moment in Puerto Rico’s history, I write today to inform you of my newest endeavor and extension of MuddLaw ; Control Board Watch.


The purpose of this website is to publicly and transparently report on the developments of the board, vet and identify the slew of prospective board candidates circulating the media and the halls of the U.S. Congress and report on those seeking to advise or work for the board.


Given the immense power and responsibility of the Control Board, it is of the utmost importance that Americans in Puerto Rico and the Mainland are kept aware of rumored control board candidates, staffers, and advisors and whether or not they are fit to serve on the board. After all, those who sit on and advise the board will be responsible for Puerto Rico’s economic recovery today, and prosperity going forward.


There will be more to come as this website is developed – stay tuned for fuirther details and other important information.




John Mudd





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  1. Thank you again… Best TO YOU…. I pray that when the Board starts their business, they look at the finance statements of past years and thus learn, not only of what we have had, but also WHERE IT WENT (and follow it to the last of the consequences). You can’t do a good job ahead if you don’t look backwards. Best of luck, for you and the Board…


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