Have you received a complaint from the board claiming MILLIONS?

Between April 30 and May 2, the Fiscal Oversight Board and the Unsecured Creditors Committee filed almost 230 lawsuits against individuals and companies supplying goods and services to the PR government. The vast majority are local.  The dates of the claims vary, but they range is from 2013 to 2017. The reasons for the lawsuits are a mixture of bankruptcy law and Puerto Rico law. All these people and entities need a attorney as soon as possible.


Ever since my years in Law school, I was interested in bankruptcy law, taking the course and the seminar. When I worked in the Department of Justice in the 80’s, I was in charge of all the bankruptcies where the Government of Puerto Rico was involved. Then, during my career, I have been involved in cases involving matters of the Bankruptcy Court. In 2006 I began to be more involved in the cases and on several occasions a Bankruptcy Trustee hired me to recover money for the bankrupt’s income. In addition, since 2009, I have represented the Municipality of San Sebastian in bankruptcy cases.


In 2013, I was the first analyst in Puerto Rico and United States to predict that a Fiscal Oversight Board for Puerto Rico was coming. Many mocked me but the Board came anyway. Since the beginning of the PROMESA Law I have been actively involved in it, especially when the cases of Title III (Bankruptcy) were filed. I have represented several parties in the case of the Bankruptcy of Puerto Rico and at this time I am representing several companies, a municipality and a group of plaintiffs in a labor lawsuit with the Highway Authority. I am abreast of all the incidents of the case and on Tuesdays, at 5:30 p.m., I report what is happening in the Kike Cruz program in Notiuno 630am. I do not represent or have represented bondholders in the case.


I hereby make it clear that I am available to defend the persons or entities claims in the case. Although the defense will not be inexpensive, the grave alternative is a judgment against you of several millions of dollars which they will collect at all costs. You can contact me by email johnmuddlaw@gmail.com or phone 787-413-1673.




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